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I am passionate about helping you embrace your gift of Peace. Peace that surpasses all of the chaos and stresses of your everyday life. 


The lack of Peace is impacting the mental health of millions of people across the country, around the globe as well as affecting the person behind the eyes in the mirror. Stress is the silent killer that disrupts families, schools, corporations and communities.


I aim to change that.


The proven method of getting better at any skill is to practice.  Peace Takes Practice is a life changing program designed to help shift outward focus to guiding participants to accepting their gift of Peace. 

The Embracing A Culture of Peace Mindfulness Program is designed through mindfulness activities, body scans, breath work, and anatomical alignment postures to release stress for employees while increasing productivity. Workshops are structured online, in-person and on-demand.


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About Pamela

Pamela D. Marshall is the Executive Director of At The WELLness Network, Inc., a 501(c)(3) dedicated to improving the health and wellness of women and children; Producer and Talk Show Host for At TheWELLnessRadioTV; and a Keynote Speaker. 

In addition to The Art of Forgiveness, she is the creator of the Peace Takes Practice - Embracing A Culture of Peace Initiative for School Districts and Corporations. She is  also a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor, a Yoga 2 Life Coach and a Y.O.GA. for Youth Teacher. Today, she enjoys sharing the healing power of yoga through her Yoga Is 4Me2 Project teaching yoga, mindfulness and life skills to children and families in our deserving communities. Be sure to join Pamela for her weekly talk shows on At The WELLnessRadioTV  YouTube Channel and FB Live. Join many others by subscribing to her YouTube Channel, At The WELLness Network.

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