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Pamela D Marshall

Peace Ambassador

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“Full of wise counsel, The Art of Forgiveness is a faith-based self-help text about the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of letting go of the past. Its tone is variously one of exhortation, storytelling, revelation, sorrow, and exultation. It presents forgiveness as an “art form” that demands the same dedication, perseverance, and wholehearted devotion that artists bring to their work. Declaring forgiveness to be the key to peace, freedom, and the creation of a life that reflects the beauty and glory of God.” 

-Kristine Morris 

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An Expression of Peace...

What are you leaving on the table of life because of the hurt and pain of unforgiveness?  Your cells are longing for you to emotionally release them so they can heal and be healthy again.

Forgiveness is the key to unlocking your gifts, finding your purpose and becoming a portrait of peace.  You are not along in this heart-heavy struggle.  

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It's Your Time!

This is not a dress rehearsal...

This is Your Life Right Now.

If you’re ready to heal, release grudges and resentment, and claim a life that nourishes your soul back to your gift of Peace, then let’s start with a chat.

Don’t hesitate. 


I'm confident that you will gain insight from our first conversation. It's FREE. I'm looking forward to our heart to heart.

Book a FREE 15 minute chat by clicking the button below.

Catch me on Channel 20: International
Day of Peace in Gainesville, FL



I was honored to be a last minute invite to have remarks at this year's Black History program at the historic Life Ministry Church in one of the oldest African American communities in Gainesville, Florida. As I was sitting in the audience with the rest of the congregation, the Assistant Pastor announced that their Keynote speaker was not going to be able to make it, but God always has a "ram in the bush".  Then she started to introduce Pamela D. Marshall. I was shocked, but God was not surprised. I am here to testify that as I walked to the pulpit and stood behind the podium, God was already there. God wants to know if we are available. When we are available for the task, the Holy Ghost will do the rest. At the end of this impromptu Keynote, God got a standing ovation.


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